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consumer link nz


 Here’s an opportunity to become part of a large group that Consumer Link NZ is building to give ordinary customers a voice with the people that design new products and develop new services, policies and regulations. It’s a way to let those people know just what you think about what they are doing.

All you have to do is answer some questions about products, services, or advertising from time to time.

We combine your answers along with lots of other people’s and pass them on to marketers, designers and public policy makers.

There are no obligations, and no costs to you…. We just want your opinion.

We will give you the opportunity to participate in taste tests, product trials, and advertising tests.

We will collect the information from you by phone, or in person, or perhaps even by email.

Phone surveys are not always rewarded but other types of research you take part in will be rewarded by… vouchers, cash, prize draws, or products.

Consumer Link was formed in 1990 from the interviewing team and coding department of Colmar Brunton Research (our parent company). It was the first company in New Zealand to specialise in ‘field and tab’ and it has been New Zealand’s pre-eminent contract data collection facility since its inception.
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