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Earn FREE reward points every day. Earn reward points for every survey you complete. Be in the draw to win $5,000! Every survey you complete also gives you an entry into a draw to win $5,000! MyOpinions gives you guaranteed points for every survey you complete. When you have enough points, you can exchange them for REAL CASH! Exchange your points for real cash, sent directly to your PayPal account.

Once you have enough points, you can convert your MyOpinions points into cash. There are two ways you can accomplish this. Transfer your points to RewardsCentral, then choose to cash out via either cheque or direct deposit through the RewardsCentral web site; OR Cash out via PayPal Payment.

MyOpinions Surveys are market research surveys that ask you general questions about your lifestyle and habits. Depending on the length of each survey, you could earn hundreds of points or more!

MyOpinions never gives your email address to any other company. The invitations to participate in surveys are only sent by MyOpinions, even though the survey may be run by a different company.

MyOpinions surveys should never ask you for your personal details. All MyOpinions surveys can be completed anonymously.

The number of points you earn is normally in proportion to how many questions you respond to in the survey. Most surveys will have many different "exits". Even if the maximum points available for a survey is 200 points, the reward points that you earn will depend on where you exit the survey. If you exit the survey early, the points you earn may be as low as 10 points.

For example, a company is looking for females over the age of 32 to complete a survey. The first question in this survey may ask what your gender is. If you answer male and the survey client is looking for females, then you will be screened out. This means that you are not eligible to complete the rest of the survey. If you are screened out you will be given a small number of points, for example 10 points.

Members: Minimum Age to Join: 14 Reward Type: Points, Convertible to REAL CASH.
Competitions or Prize Draws: Yes Type of Surveys on Offer: Online Surveys Location: Australia
Comments: Exchange your points for real cash, sent directly to your PayPal account. Or transfer your points to RewardsCentral. From there, you can cash out your rewards by cheque or direct deposit. You can also bid in Auctions, pick up a gift voucher for some great stores, or make a donation to charity

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