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 IOCS Participant Panel


The Institute for Online Consumer Studies (IOCS) is a not-for-profit research organization that focuses on obtaining a better understanding of consumers' shopping-related behavior, including how consumers evaluate different products and make purchase decisions. It does so by conducting consumer studies through the Internet. Participation in these studies typically involves completing an online questionnaire.

As a special incentive, individuals who complete a major IOCS study will either be paid (via PayPal) for their participation or automatically entered into sweepstakes for large prizes of cash or merchandise. To be eligible for these incentives and to receive a notification by e-mail whenever a new IOCS study becomes available, join the IOCS Participant Panel.

All IOCS studies are conducted for purely academic purposes, i.e., none of the studies are conducted for corporate clients. The people behind IOCS are academics who conduct studies via the Internet as part of their scientific research in the area of consumer behavior.

Members of the IOCS Participant Panel are paid for taking part in a research study. To participate in a research study you must be registered as a member of the IOCS Participant Panel,

Payments are made as either cash or prizes.

When payments are cash they are settled through a PayPal account. For more information on PayPal transactions, or to set-up a PayPal account, please visit 

When payments are prizes other than cash, the prize will be mailed to you at the address linked to your IOCS panel membership.
Rating:  Rewards: Cash and Prize drawings Payments: PayPal
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