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Australian Survey Sites


Australian free paid surveys

As a dedicated directory of websites offering online surveys around the world, this Australian website is a good reference resource for individuals wishing to offer their opinion in a paid survey. There are numerous online surveys that can be found online, and it is important that consumers do not get caught up with the wrong type of paid survey.

The companies that conduct research on the web, will be looking for consumer opinions on a number of products and rely heavily on online surveys for unbiased responses. Consumers can join one of the many paid market research focus groups by registering with a paid survey website and submitting their personal preferences on a wide range of products.

Consumer Opinions - Rewards, Cash or Free Products

Most survey websites will very carefully screen any potential participants for online market research. If a participant is not totally suitable they will not be accepted or reimbursed for their opinions.

Therefore, it is very important that customers wishing to offer their opinions consider all the details offered and answer the questions carefully. It is imperative that the consumer matches the company requiring feedback, otherwise the opinion is not a qualitative response and is not a valuable resource to the company.

Valuable Customer Opinion

Companies spend enormous amounts on advertising and are constantly trying to find out what their customer wants. By conducting market research online, they can access customers at home, in the office or wherever they may be for honest reaction to specific products.

Some survey companies require a registration fee whilst others may be free. It is up to the consumer which of these companies they chose to register with and offer their personal opinions.

Online Surveys - Australia and World Wide

A consumer's opinion counts no matter where in the world they may reside and companies are reliant on getting feedback from the public. There are so many paid survey websites to chose from, the consumer needs to be careful they look for the pitfalls that may be waiting for them online and must carefully consider the paid survey sites they chose to use.

Whether online or in focus groups, many companies use paid market research to test the waters on where their product lies in the market place. By using online surveys, the focus group can easily widen it’s demographic and get responses more easily.

this months Most Popular Australian paid survey sites

  1. Australian Flag Rewards Central - Rewards Central is the best Australian site I've seen, and been involved with, you get paid to take surveys online, get paid to read emails, get paid to play games, get paid to shop with reward partners and more. Their online surveys are frequent and enjoyable, and usually pay well for the time needed to complete them. More Details>>>

  2. Australian Flag Your Opinion - Membership is fun, easy and best of all FREE. Becoming a member will also give you the chance to participate in product sampling studies. For each survey that you complete you will receive a reward that can be redeemed through one of our redemption methods, which include cash payments via PayPal, donations to your favourite charity and Mobile Content and Crediting Vouchers.  More Details>>>

  3. new Australian Flag Survey Head - Companies around the world are ready to pay you for your personal opinions. Literally MILLIONS of dollars have been paid to people like you for taking online market research surveys. Make a difference...and make some money! In exchange for providing your opinion, Surveyhead will pay you a cash reward via PayPal. Signup Now and get $5.00 CASH FREE in you Surveyhead rewards account. More Details>>>

  4. new Australian Flag My Survey Australia - My Survey is a consumer panel made up of individuals who have volunteered to participate in market research studies. My Survey is the website where panel members can participate in online research, update their information and redeem their My Survey Points for Cash via PayPal, gifts vouchers and charity donations. More Details>>>

  5. new Australian Flag What Do You Think - As a What Do You Think panel member, you will be invited to participate in invitation-only online surveys and consumer research to help shape the future of products and services available for all Australians to enjoy. Become a WDYT Member and earn gift cards, vouchers and other specialty items from their rewards catalogue. You can also use the reward points you earn to take part in their exclusive member auctions! More Details>>>
  6. new Australian Flag Australian Lifestyle Survey - If you're like most people, you're probably happy to receive information on products and services that are relevant to your interests and needs. With this in mind, the Australian Lifestyle Survey gives you the opportunity to indicate the type of advertising you'd like to receive. Start now for your chance to win a $16,000 cheque.  More Details>>>

  7. new Australian Flag Your Voice - Join the Your Voice Online Panel today to share your opinions for rewards. Get paid point rewards, redeemable for gift vouchers, for sharing what you think about goods, services and current affairs. Earn entries in Quarterly Prize Draws for $5000 for each survey you take part in. Membership is available online through their panel registration form. More Details>>>

  8. Australian Flag Global Test Market - Global Test Market members are invited to partake in all sorts of fun and interesting online surveys and help companies develop the products and services you use every day. You get to earn "Market Points," redeemable for cash, for every survey you take! It's so simple, the surveys come straight to your email inbox, and then you are just a few clicks away from your cash reward! Payouts are via check, and the value of your MarketPoints is fixed against the US Dollar at 5 cents per MarketPoint.  More Details>>>

  9. new Australian Flag MommyTalkSurveys - MommyTalkSurveys are seeking the assistance of mothers to provide their honest opinions on baby products and services. By simply providing your feedback you'll earn cash rewards, which can then be redeemed through MommyTalkSurveys' partners. Plus if you join now, MommyTalkSurveys will credit your MommyTalkSurveys account with $5 just for joining.  More Details>>>

  10. new Australian Flag Valued Opinions - Valued Opinions is a service which rewards YOU for taking part in market research surveys online. By becoming a member, you will be invited to complete surveys for genuine market research purposes. For every survey you correctly complete, we will credit your Valued Opinions account (typically between $2 and $5), and once your balance reaches $20 or more, you can select your reward from a choice of stores. More Details>>>

  11. new Australian Flag LiveTribe -LiveTribe are offering Australians aged 14 years or older the opportunity to participate in online surveys and polls. In return for providing your opinions, you could earn such rewards as points redeemable online for gift vouchers and entries into regular competitions. More Details>>>


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Australian free paid surveys news, this is where we add any news concerning online surveys and other services found on this site.

News: (04/02/2013) New survey panels added. HERE >>>

(05/06/2012) New consumer survey panel Added

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(09/10/09) New surveys added and updates made to list.

(31/05/09) 2 New Survey Panels Added

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